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The Black
Rider show//

Composer Tom Waits and director Robert Wilson collaborated on, "The Black Rider," a theatre piece that I found deeply affecting. Adapted from the Weber opera "Der Freischütz," the fable of love and loss haunted me for years. The 2020 Covid Pandemic prompted me to explore those Black Rider themes and images that had been rattling around in my head and I started committing them to paint. In the series I explore the Faustian bargain that we as a nation have struck over our love of guns. I am trying to examine our relationship with gun violence and the increasing sense of division, isolation and loss we have because of the Second Amendment.

"Come on along with the Black Rider, we'll have a gay old time. lay down in the web of the black spider, i'll drink your blood like wine. And when your done, you'll cock your gun, the blood will run, like ribbons through your hair."
– Tom Waits
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